60 year old Windsor found photographs Droullard Rd

two pack a dayer

2 pack a dayer 60-year old found-art photograph. No it isn’t me. Unclaimed snapshots from a long closed Windsor shop. Child is holding two packs of Export A cigarettes. Why our grandparents’ smoked. 1960


found photographs Windsor60s

All the young dude! 60-years ago Anne Ouellette left a negative at photo counter of a now long closed store in Windsor. She never came back for the wallet sized picture. No one has seen the 30 cent snap of this hip lad till now. Probably taken in Willistead Park 1967.

baby in the bin

Throwing the child out with the bath water. 52-year old found-art photograph. Unclaimed snapshots from a Windsor shop. March 1968. Family name Bergeron.